The Aim


Preserve, Optimize and Rehabilitate your Health using the SES-Method

Abstract: The SES method’s primary objective is optimal health. It is about reaching a personal optimum with the aid of the SES-System’s methods. Not only will the participant realize new facets of his complex personality – with the analysis of his Mind-Body-Type, he will also learn to make the right choices in relation to his diet, exercise and lifestyle in order to maximize his strength and achieve an „all around sense of well-being“.

How Healthy Are We?

A question that seems so easy but actually raises more issues. If we want to know how healthy we are we should define the term „health“ first. What does being healthy mean? At what point are we healthy and when are we sick? How do we feel if we are truly healthy and can we even realize it ourselves?

Strengthening our health integrally, activating self-healing forces

According to the definition by World Health Organization, health is “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Indeed – we often believe it is about the absence of disease. However, sociologist Talcott Parsons thinks of health as „the state of optimum capacity of an individual for the effective performance of the roles and tasks for which he has been socialized“.

But since every human being has different requirements of health and there is no universal patent remedy for health, we want to call it optimal health: That means being as healthy as possible or even reaching the best possible, individually defined health.

In case of optimal health we experience the feeling of general well-being. We neither suffer from emotional nor physical pain but exude energy and dynamics and feel vital. A person who is optimally healthy enjoys life and knows how to exhaust all potential.

Many times, we do not know about our actual state of health. We believe we do not feel sick although, in reality, we are everything else but healthy: Everyday, we take many restrictions of the optimal health for granted or neglect them. However, we are already located within the grey zone between health and sickness most of the time.

The grey zone is a term defined by Dr Neter and describes the important area between health and sickness. This includes light and severe restrictions of health which we often are aware of but do not act on – although they represent early indications of other diseases. We have to strengthen our body perception to probe the causes of the original disorders. The SES-Method can help as a learning style or a treatment modality. By the help of this method, we can get to know another side of ourselves and can subsequently search for causes. We should follow our intuitions and look for a solution for health problems – even if others (other doctors) can not detect a solution.

And that is our declared objective: To help finding the optimal state of health and the feeling of well-being all around. It is about developing a sense of health consciousness and realizing personal needs: This is how we get to know ourselves and furthermore get used to listening to our inner voice on a regular basis. We should be able to understand when our mind-and-body-balance is coming apart. This is often reflected in medical conditions and health problems. By determining individual Mind-and-Body-Types, we can find better orientation and identify disorders more easily and quickly.

We all have a healthy, inner core that will ensure the balance of all elements in case of optimal health. It is necessary to retrieve it. With the SES-Method, we offer the way back to this inner balance.