Nutrition – The first Source of our Vitality

Nutrition in Prevention and Healing

Abstract: The term „nutrition“ stands for metabolic processes, which is more than one might think when he is asked about nutrition. In fact, our nutrition’s first purpose is to maintain and constitute our health. Its second function is to be enjoyable and vitalize us on an emotional level.

If we want to achieve this goal, we must face our nutrition in an integrated and holistic way and also consider the medical connections. Our nutrition strengthens us on one side, but can also serve as a cure. Using the SES-diagnostic-system, we can determine your personal needs for your nutrition on a physical and a mental-emotional level. In this way, together we can strengthen and recover your health thoroughly.

Our feelings regulate our nutrition
Our nutrition affects our feelings

Within the SES-Method, the subject of nutrition leads a very prominent role: It actually represents the first energy source that helps to obtain a stabilized health. We are all aware that a good nutrition or diet is strongly linked to having positive feelings as well. Our experience also shows it is not just food that nurtures us. When we are happy and content, we might as well just live on nothing but „mere air and love“. When we are unhappy, we easily reach for that whole bar of chocolate. How is that possible? Where are the causal relations?

Our sense of well-being and contentment are what is essential here. Their coherence to our nutrition is very complex, medically speaking. In this case, our body’s and our mind’s (also, the soul’s) nourishment play a decisive role. Even without naming specific reasons at this point, we can see by this example how important the interaction as well as the physical and mental-emotional content are.

Mind & Body Medicine, Integrative Medicine and nutrition
How we can be healthier and more content by a balanced nutrition

An individually determined, balanced nutrition brings us closer to the aim of Optimal Health. How do we acquire this form of nutrition?

The SES-Method addresses the physical and mental-emotional traits of each individual. By having an in-depth consulting session or counseling interview and one or more analyses, we can assess your individual needs. These needs depend on many factors, for example your metabolism, lifestyle and age.

Something that is usually not generally known is the connection between our emotional concerns and our metabolism and vice versa. Within the SES-Method, we attend to this key factor. We will help you with coming closer to your health and your personal well-being in a simple way. For this purpose, we impart knowledge that will ensure a profound understanding of personal nutritional needs on a physical and mental-emotional level.

Nutrition in academic medicine
Prevention and treatment by the means of conscious nutrition

The most famous physician of the ancient times and founder of academic medicine, Hippocrates of Kos (460-370 before Christ), already suggested urgently that our nutrition has a double medical effect: It can prevent diseases and cure diseases. Nutrition is, in the truest sense of the word, medicine. Nothing has changed about this scientific insight up to the present day.

To obtain and recover a stable health, nutrition should rank first alongside other medical provisions. We all know how important a suitable diet is for our sense of well-being and our health.

Still, the knowledge based on this seemingly simple fact does not solve the many occurring problems and doubts that plenty people share today when it comes to the subject of nutrition. General advice can only set the pattern to a certain degree. However, if there is a desire to improve and optimize your health or cure diseases by using as little medication as possible, there have to be individual guidelines and recommendations.

Modern and traditional nutritional medicine
Activating self-healing powers

Nutritional medicine is a part of particular medical art. Unfortunately, nutritional-medical measures are generally neglected in health practices for time reasons. This means our body’s healing abilities are not being used entirely and there is more medication being prescribed than necessary. We do have self-healing powers that are strengthened by appropriate nutrition. Our healing processes are therefore supported and we experience more vitality.

Within the SES-Method, we apply individual-related analyses and seminars concerning integrated nutrition. We focuse on the following key issues in our therapy: personal needs and fulfilling desires. Contemporary nutritional-medical insights represent the basis to all our recommendations, as well as the traditional knowledge of several classic medical systems from different parts of the Eastern world.

Nutrition within the SES-Method
Analyzing and considering personal needs

Advice and recommendations regarding nutrition are based on our longstanding medical practice and of course on nutritional-medical fundamental principles of academic medicine. Including important medical insights from traditional medical systems and considering individual needs, we are able to give you very personal recommendations on your nutrition, based on the SES-analysis.

The basic elements of nutrition according to the SES-Method are taught in our seminar „Optimal Health“. Here, we offer extensive knowledge relevant for nutrition.

Nutrition according to the SES-Method
More health and well-being with knowledge

Nutrition recommended by the SES-Method is not a complicated diet at all! Following our goal, which is boosting your well-being and gaining optimal health, we choose a personal and easy way together that leads you to significant well-being and improves your health status. Every health-related improvement also has an impact on all levels of our being – as well as on our physical and mental-emotional state.