Do you have pencils?

How it started… the story behind the Sharing-Project

In 2013 MD Neter has travelled to Myanmar. She made this journey to educate herself in integrative medicine as well as to gain some new experiences and to perform some studies. One day, together with her group, they landed with their boat in Pakkoku. At this day, MD Neter gained a very personally impressive experience. Many children from Pakkoku came to welcome the group. But most of all they wanted to know one thing: „Do you have pencils?“

In Myanmar, attending school is not for free. It is actually too expensive for many families. This is why a lot of children cannot go to school. Learning writing and reading often stays a wish for them. The only thing they can learn without being in school is how to draw and to paint. At least a beginning. Therefore the children need pencils. Unfortunately, there are not many. Some of the children sell postcards painted by themselves. In this way they earn some money for their family’s maintenance.

Because MD Neter had heard about the situation before, she had about eighty pencils with her at this day. The children watched her full of expectations, when MD Neter took the pencils out from her backbag, and crowded together. When the children grabbed the pencils from MD Neter, she touched their small cold hands. At this moment, she did not just give some pencils to the children, she even gave them the chance to make something out of it.

Children can keep on drawing with their new pencils, so they still have the opportunity to earn some money for their living. Furthermore, they can continue a part of their culture by beinig creative. Maybe they can also learn how to write. To make this all happen, we need one thing: pencils. So now we ask you: „ Do you have pencils?“

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